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Program Overview

Restoring Degraded Forest in Southeast Asia as a Model for a Greener Asia

AFoCo Landmark Program is a regional project implemented under the Agreement on ASEAN-ROK Forest Cooperation with a holistic approach titled “Restoring Degraded Forest in Southeast Asia as a Model for a Greener Asia: Capacity Building on Forest Restoration and Sustainable Forestry”.

The program will cover the restoration of degraded forests, a wide range of regional training, academic activities, and raising public awareness in the field of restoration and sustainable forestry.

The project has long-term activities and goals, designed to tackle the unequal distribution of resources, technology, and funding amongst ASEAN Member States while aiming to induce capacity building, public awareness and socio-economic development of local communities in accordance with the strategic framework of the Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI) to narrow the developmental gaps among ASEAN Member States.

Components of the Landmark Program

Establishment of Regional Education and Training Center (RETC)
  • Construction of centralized education, scientific research and training center
  • Provision of the center with research equipment and training facilities
Development of Education and Training Programs for Capacity Building
  • Development of educational training courses and modules
  • AFoCo Landmark Graduate Scholarship Program
Restoration of Degraded Forest Regions
  • Establishment of best practice in forest rehabilitation and model forest of AFoCo
  • Promotion of actual practices of local communities on forest conservation
Development of Advocating Activities
  • Public awareness campaigns and activities on forest conservation


  • Capacity building of foresters and researchers who will lead sustainable forest management and restoration of degraded forest in the region
  • Provide practical model for forest rehabilitation applicable to Asian region
  • Contribute to narrowing the gap among the ASEAN Member States under the strategic framework of IAI