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Programs and Projects


Regional Education and Training Center (RETC)

The Regional Education and Training Center (RETC) of AFoCO completed its contruction and officially opened in 2018. It aims to strengthen the capacity building of the member countries in forestry sector through advanced training and education programs. The RETC was built on a total area of 28,419.1㎡ with a total floor area of 5,014.4㎡ in Hmawbi Township, Yangon, Myanmar and is composed of modern training facilities including lecture room, laboratory, multimedia room, auditorium, and dormitory with other supporting facilities for the convenience of the trainees.

The Aim of RETC:
1. Strive to educate and foster exemplary leaders who will carry out AFoCO’s    mission to actualize a greener Asia.
2. Provide action and problem solving-oriented education programs with the aim to     train government officials and experts in the field of forestry who will realize     sustainable forest management.
3. Improve the quality of life, forest related livelihood, and mutual communication.

The RETC will function as the regional base for international cooperation in the forestry sector by providing capacity building programs and activities specialized in the development of professionals who will be responsible for improving the livelihood through sustainable forest management in each member country of the AFoCO.

The RETC will be a leading global institute in the international forestry sector for capacity building by improving academic research capabilities and management practices through scientific approaches to address forestry issues in each member country.

Birds eye view of the RETC


Lecture rooms


Exhibition Area

Dormitory wing and dormitory rooms