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Privacy Policy

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Notice on Privacy Policy

As an inter-governmental cooperative mechanism between the 10 ASEAN Member States and the Republic of Korea, the AFoCo Secretariat is committed to safeguarding the privacy of our website visitors. By using our website, you consent to our use of your information as follows :

  1. Purpose of collecting personal information, contents, methods and retention period
    1. Purpose of collecting information: To send newsletters and other materials regarding Secretariat activities & to receive application for the Secretariat’s posts or activities
    2. Information to be collected: Name, phone numbers, e-mail, affiliation and position
    3. Method of collecting information: Off-line and/or on-line
    4. Retention period: Until the stated purposes are achieved and it is judged to be no longer necessary to retain the information, or until its deletion is clearly requested by the person concerned

    * In case of using personal information for purposes other than the original ones, approval by the person concerned will be sought.

  2. Procedure and method of destroying personal information
    1. Destruction Procedure: When the retention period expires, the acquired information will be destroyed under the supervision and approval by the person in charge of protecting personal information
    2. Method of destruction: Personal information recorded and saved in the form of paper document shall be either shredded or incinerated, whereas electronically recorded or stored information will be destroyed as a means to prevent reproduction
  3. Personal information may be provided to a third party for purposes other than the original ones in the following cases:
    1. Separate consent is obtained from the relevant person concerned;
    2. Request is made by the investigation agency in accordance with the relevant procedures and manners as specified in the Korean legislation; or
    3. It is required by other international standards or the Korean legislation.
  4. Contracted enterprises for handling personal information and contents to be covered by contract
    Contracted Enterprise Content of Contracted Enterprise
    CBSi Maintenance and administration of the AFoCo Secretariat Website

    ※For smooth management of personal information, the above enterprise were consigned to the task.

  5. Rights and obligations and their exercises by the person concerned
    1. The person concerned may exercise the following rights regarding the protection of personal information at any time:
      1. Request to access his or her own personal information;
      2. Request to correct his or her own personal information errors, if any;
      3. Request to delete his or her own personal information; and
      4. Request to suspend his or her own personal information processing.
    2. Any personal information related complaints, arising in the course of using the services provided by the Secretariat, may be lodged by contacting the following:
      • Officer in charge of personal information in the Planning, Budget & HR Management Team (Shinhyeong You,
      • Officer in charge of personal information in the International Cooperation Team (Jimyng Kim,
    3. For reporting or consulting on personal information violations, one may contact the following Korean governmental authorities:
      • Personal Information Incident Report Center ( +82-118)
      • Supreme Prosecutors’ Cyber Crime Investigation Center ( +82-(0)2-3480-3571)
      • National Police Agency Cyber Bureau ( +82-182)