Participatory Mapping of Tuar Tana Community Forestry2017-02-08

Title : Participatory Mapping of Tuar Tana Community Forestry

Duration : 14.29 mins

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Sikka Regency is a social forestry area under the scheme of community forestry (CF) in East Nusa Tenggara.

Before assigned as a community forestry area, most of its land were communal land managed by its indigenous people.

With its land potential and profitable natural conditions, the people of Sikka Regency was already planing various kinds of commodities for profit. 

The existing Business License of Community Forestry Management/Community Forest Utilization Permit issued by the Regent of Sikka, communities have been granted access to get involved in sustainable forest management.

As one of its community forestry requirements, Hikong Village community forestry group already arranged a working area management plan. The area's boundaries have also been mapped into digital form as on of the community forestry requirements. However, other items on the work plan has been prepared yet not completed.

To actualize the arranged working plan, an advanced mapping needs to be done. Mapping needs to be done to decide the border between each groups to identify potential community forestry activities. Currently, communities only relay on natural borders as their group border.

To answer the needs of the Hikong Village community, AFoCo together with the Center for Forest Research and of Development is currently working on mapping training with the involvement of the community. This advanced mapping training using GPS technology and remote sensing will renew and complete existing data. Community involvement in mapping (referred as Participatory Mapping in the past) increases community awareness of community forestry. Finally, participatory mapping will give the community a more concrete idea of how and what is the purpose of the mapping.