NOTICE 2020 Landmark Scholarship Program (Call for Applicants) 2019-04-08

file Attachment-1_List of Focal Officials of the Participating Country in the Landmark Scholarship Program-1.pdf file Attachment-2_2020_Landmark Scholarship Program Guidelines.docx

The Secretariat would like to announce the "2020 Landmark Scholarship Program".

The Secretariat will offer the 2020 Landmark Scholarship to three (3) recipients - one (1) Doctoral degree recipient (PhD) and two (2) Master’s degree recipients (MSc) selected among candidates nominated by Focal Officials of the participating countries in the Landmark scholarship program. The number of scholarship recipients selected for each degree course may change within the above admission quota of the 2020 Landmark Scholarship Program depending on the application and admission status.

In this regard, each participating country is kindly requested to send a Recommendation Letter” nominating one (1) applicant to the Secretariat by 30 June 2019. The nominated applicants should submit the required application documents listed in the Guidelines for the 2020 Landmark Scholarship Program to the Secretariat by the aforementioned date as well.

The scholarship recipients will begin their studies from March 2020 in the universities that they have gained admission into among the nine (9) universities participating in the Landmark Scholarship Program.
Please kindly refer to the attached documents for more detailed information.