Programs & Projects

Assessment of adelgid diversity and distribution in conifer forest of Bhutan to mitigate future outbreaks (AFoCO-NIFoS Research Project)

Countries: Bhutan
Duration:  2020 - 2022 (AFoCO/019/2020)
Budget:      60,796 USD

Goal & Objectives

The project aims to create awareness on forest health issues and renewed interest among forestry professionals and forest-dwelling communities in study of some of the enigmatic forest insects which have the potential to develop into pest under changing climate and declining forest health. The main objectives are outlined as follows:

  • Determine the species of adelgids found in Bhutan;
  • Survey and assess the distribution of adelgids in the conifer forests of Bhutan;
  • Develop management strategies for controlling the spread of adelgids in the conifer forests of Bhutan;
  • Train forestry professionals and local communities in the identification, survey, and control of the insect; and
  • Monitor the spread of the insect.

Expected Outputs

The project has five expected outputs:

  • Species of adelgids in Bhutan will be confirmed through DNA analysis;
  • Adelgid diversity and distribution survey will be carried out in conifer forest;
  • Forest Pest and disease outbreak reporting and monitoring will be incorporated into the Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tools;
  • Scientific paper on adelgid diversity and distribution in Bhutan will be published; and
  • Forestry professionals and community forestry members will be trained on surveying, monitoring, and management of the pest.


Training of Trainers – Pest Detection, Surveillance, Specimen Collection and Reporting



Bhutan project on forest pests and diseases to kickoff in October