Programs & Projects

Development of Agroforestry Models for Promotion of Reforestation in the Different Zones in Timor-Leste

Countries: Timor-Leste
Duration:  2021 - 2023 (AFoCO/018/2020)
Budget:      605,580 USD

Goal & Objectives

The project aims to the establishment of field-tested agroforestry systems/models in the different agro-ecological zones, which are effective in reforestation and livelihood improvement, and building of the institutional capacity to promote reforestation by demonstrating and scaling up the agroforestry systems/models in combination with CB-NRM approaches. The main objectives are outlined as follows:

  • Institutional capacity development;
  • Promotion of the CB-NRM mechanism;
  • Coordination/collaboration with MAF DPs; and
  • Strengthening of linkages with knowledge sharing at the regional level.

Expected Outputs

The project has three expected outputs:

  • Promote reforestation throughout the country by developing and disseminating agroforestry-based reforestation models suitable for introduction in different natural conditions in the typical agro-ecological zones in the country and effective in satisfying the needs of local communities;
  • Strengthen institutional capacity of MAF/DGFCIP and the relevant offices to promote reforestation and sustainable forest management in collaboration with MAF DPs, NGOs, and local communities;  and
  • Build and strengthen linkages with relevant stakeholders in the country as well as the region (especially with AFoCO member countries) for knowledge sharing and scale-up of the agroforestry-based reforestation models.