IN THE NEWS: Forests give protection vs new, deadly diseases

30 Mar 2021

In a recent Business Mirror article on the Philippines’ efforts to promote biodiversity conservation and the importance of forests, forests’ contributions to “health, food security, environmental and climatic condition, provision of green jobs, stakeholder engagement and healing” and their role as “the backbone of growth and prosperity, and protectors against the impacts of climate change and the emergence of new and deadly diseases” were highlighted by representatives from the Forest Management Bureau of the Philippines as the ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity.

AFoCO Executive Director Mr. Ricardo Calderon, in his speech at the virtual event of the International Day of Forests, added that “forests in Asia are at risk of reduced capacity for climate mitigation, limited provision of ecosystem services and biodiversity loss, and reduced economic growth potential without proactive measures to put in place sustainable Management practices.”

Read the full article HERE.

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