Programs & Projects

Integrated Pest and Disease Management in Teak Plantations in Bago Region, Myanmar

Countries: Myanmar
Duration:  2020 - 2025 (AFoCO/014/2020)
Budget:      955,360 USD

Goal & Objectives

The project aims to contribute to maintaining healthy forests and the vitality of the West Bago Yoma Region through exploring pest and disease lists, their possible control and prevention measures, and enhancing capacity building programs for all stakeholders. The specific objectives are outlined are as follows:

  • To manage sustainably Teak forests through effectively integrated pest and disease management;
  • To improve capacity and facilities for pest and disease research and management for Teak forests; and
  • To create a network for Teak pest and disease management.

Expected Outputs

The project has five expected outputs:

  • Seasonal incidence, level of severity and relationship between the outbreaks of pests and diseases with environmental, factors have been investigated;
  • Possible control measures for individual pests and diseases, and monitoring system have been developed;
  • Capacity on the systematic pest and disease management has been built;
  • Diagnostic laboratory and museum in Forest Research Institute (FRI) has been upgraded, and researches have been conducted; and
  • Teak forest pest and disease management Working Group has been formed.
Location of project sites in Pyay District and Tharyarwaddy District