Policy on Information Disclosure

This Policy is intended to ensure that information concerning AFoCO’s activities is made publicly available, subject to the limitations set forth in this Policy. This Policy explains the principles, practices and procedures and defines clear categories of information according to their status with regards to public information disclosure. This Policy endeavors to strike an appropriate balance between the need to grant the public access to information possessed by AFoCO and the Secretariat, and AFoCO’s obligation to respect the confidentiality of information regarding its Parties and Observers, partners, staff and other concerned stakeholders.

Information held by AFoCO and its Secretariat is made available primarily through the AFoCO website, subsidiary office websites and webpages of AFoCO-related projects or activities. This Policy applies to all information in the possession of AFoCO and its Secretariat. This Policy also applies to information collected by a Party or Observer that has been transferred to the Secretariat with the prior written consent of that Party or Observer. 

Request for Information

The Secretariat will either provide the requested information or document, by referring the requestor to the relevant link on the AFoCO website whenever possible, or indicate a legitimate reason as to why the information cannot be given, based on the exceptions to disclosure defined, or if such information does not exist or cannot be found.

In the event where only a part of the information responsive to a disclosure request is subject to one of the limitations set out in this Policy, the Secretariat may decide, at its discretion, to disclose the remaining non-confidential part of the information responsive to that request, and take appropriate measures to maintain the confidentiality of the undisclosed information.

The Secretariat may charge a fee for a request for information, based on the estimated cost of retrieving and supplying or reproducing the information requested which will be communicated to the requestor and must be paid in advance.