The Assembly

The First Session of the Assembly of the Asian Forest Cooperation Organization (AFoCO) was held on 13 November 2018 in Seoul, Korea.


– Record of Discussion of the 1st Session of the Assembly.
– Annex-01-List of Delegates (1st Assembly of AFoCO, 12-13 Nov 2018, Seoul)
– Annex-02. Annotated Agenda (1st Assembly of AFoCO, 12-13 Nov 2018, Seoul)
– Annex-03. Decisions adopted(1st Assembly, 12-13 Nov 2018, Seoul)


– [DECISION 1-I-18R] Rules of Procedure of the Assembly
– [DECISION 2-I-18R] Admission of observers
[DECISION 3-I-18R] Guidelines on the Application of New Parties
– [DECISION 4-I-18R] Appointment of the Executive Director
– [DECISION 5-I-18R] Strategic Plan (2019-2023)
– [DECISION 6-I-18R] Organizational symbol of AFoCO
– [DECISION 7-I-18R] Internal Regulations of AFoCO
– [DECISION 8-I-18R] Transition of the Interim Secretariat to the AFoCO Secretariat
– [DECISION 9-I-18R] Operation and Management of the Regional Education and Training Center
– [DECISION 10-I-18R] Approval of project proposals
– [DECISION 11-I-18R] AFoCO Fellowship Program
– [DECISION 12-I-18R] Development and Strengthening External Relations