UN General Assembly highlights the participation of Observers

The UN General Assembly adopted resolutions to grant permanent observer status to four international organizations, including AFoCO. The General Assembly highlighted the participation of Observers in different high-level meetings of the General Assembly. The General Assembly further noted the added-value and unique role of Observers that complements and strengthens the works of UN.

“Also adopted by the Assembly without a vote was the resolution “Observer status for the Asian Forest Cooperation Organization in the General Assembly” (document A/75/450).  Invited to participate in the sessions and the work of the General Assembly in the capacity of observer, the Cooperation Organization aims to strengthen forest cooperation, specifically sustainable forest management, in order to address the impact of climate change.  Habitat destruction such as deforestation, resulting from climate change and other factors, is increasingly forcing disease‑carrying wildlife closer to humans and allowing more pandemics to thrive.  An intergovernmental organization, it was established to strengthen cooperation in the forest sector and promote action‑oriented sustainable forest management practices through policy support and capacity development.”